Joseph F. Cappello School

Principal:  Clara Bigos

Phone: 609-588-8485

The Joseph F. Cappello School serves students between the ages of three and seven. Our mission is to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children classified while embracing a play-based learning environment that addresses both educational and therapeutic goals.

Speech-language, occupational and physical therapies are integrated with classroom instruction to provide a comprehensive program of services. The instructional and therapeutic staff and child study team work with parents, sending districts and other agencies to provide an optimal program that meets the needs of each child’s IEP. The purpose of therapy is to develop skills while promoting success in the educational environment. 


All students at the Joseph F. Cappello School receive physical education, art and music incorporated into their schedule. Activities are adapted to meet the developmental needs of all students.


Nursing and Health services are provided by two certified school nurses. In addition to routine care of children, our nurses may participate in IEP meetings, assist in feeding program reviews, conduct vision and hearing screenings and maintain close contact with parents.


To report an incident of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please contact a specialist for your school.

Joseph F. Cappello School

Cathy Smeresky, Counselor


Mercer Elementary School

Amy Felsher, Counselor


Mercer High School

Heidi Musick, Counselor


MCSSSD Self Assessment Grades 2018-2019

                 Joseph Cappello School                  73

                 Mercer High School                         71

                 Mercer Elementary School             70

Read More About our Anti-Bullying Policies

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator - Kris Gould                                                                                           609-588-8438

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