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Home Component


Tammy Lascar

Phone: 609-631-2108

Program Coordinator

Debra Townsend

Phone: 609-570-1178


The Home Component Program is an optional program for families whose children attend MCSSSD and participating districts. The program is designed to teach parents and primary caregivers the strategies and techniques used in school to decrease challenging behavior and help children develop, generalize and maintain socially significant replacement skills in the home and community. 


Families may request referrals for in-home services by contacting their child's case manager.  Once referred, the family will receive a registration letter to attend the next (mandatory) 4-hour parent training, held over two evenings.  Initial parent training is offered three times each school year.  Following the training the home component coordinator will meet with each family, and together develop realistic and attainable outcomes based on the child and family’s needs.

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