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Community Resource Program

Community Resource Team

Supervisor:  Tammy Lascar                                                 Program Coordinator: Debra Townsend

Phone:  609-631-2107                                                          Phone:  609-570-1178


The Community Resource Program provides educational and therapeutic supports and assessments to local school districts in various educational and home-based settings.  Community Resource Program staff members work collaboratively with local districts to ensure that students with special needs are provided with diagnostically and developmentally appropriate educational experiences.  Community Resource services may include educational, psychological and therapeutic testing, home or school based direct services, behavioral consultation and training.  Workshop presentations are also available to address social skills training, teaching and behavior reduction strategies and techniques based on applied behavior analysis (ABA), and alternative and augmentative communication (AAC). 


For further information, please contact The Office of the Assistant Superintendent at 609-570–1170 or the Community Resource Program coordinator at 609-570–1178.

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