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Admissions Procedures

James Fazzone, Ed.D.

Interim Superintendent 

TO: Sending School Districts

SUBJECT: Procedures for Making Application to Mercer County Special Services School District


Applications for admission are only accepted from the student’s local school district. By adhering to the accompanying procedures, your application will be processed efficiently and in a timely manner.


1. All applications for admission are processed through the office of the Mercer County Special Services School District (MCSSSD)Assistant Superintendent of School's Office.


2. Application packets must be submitted by the student’s local district to the MCSSSD Assistant Superintendent and include one complete set of the following:

a) MCSSSD Application for Admission form, along with reason for request of placement.
b) Current Classification Conference Report / Eligibility document.
c) Current IEP, with goals and objectives.
d) All current evaluations, including evaluations that have resulted in related services orders.
e) Copy of Health History and Appraisal form (A-45), with immunizations.

Please note the Application packet can be sent electronically to the Assistant Superintendent's Office at

3. Once data is logged with the Central Office, the admissions packet will be forwarded to the appropriate MCSSSD school administrator for review. The case manager will be contacted to schedule an interview with the prospective student, the parent/guardian, and the case manager from the referring school district.


4. The contact person for the local school district will be notified in writing of MCSSSD’s decision regarding the application. All records are returned to the local school district for a student who will not be attending MCSSSD.


5. If the student is accepted, the local school district must forward a signed copy of the Notification of Placement to Dana Hice DePugh, MCSSSD Assistant Superintendent, 1020 Old Trenton Rd., Second Floor, Hamilton, NJ 08690 and to the County Office of Education.

6. A student will be permitted to start at MCSSSD only after our receipt of the Notification of Placement, all the required documents including the health history and immunization forms, and any requested revised documents.


7. After completion of this admissions process, transportation will be arranged with Mercer Coordinated Transportation Services  (for participating districts) or by the local school district.


8. Your questions regarding the application process are always welcome. Please contact the Assistant Superintendent's Office at  609-570-1170.

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