What makes MCSSSD Special ?

Posted July 23, 2013


Small class size, highly qualified teachers and therapists, experienced and dedicated principals, autism program (preschool through high school), classes for severe and multiple disabilities, programming for emotional and behavior disorders, experienced behavior and autism specialists in each school, individualized behavior programming, accountable data collection systems, differentiated instruction, integrated preschool and kindergarten, community based learning experiences, multiple - monthly staff training opportunities, case management and on site child study teams in each building, planning and supported transition into adulthood - job placement – back to home schools, parent training, home program, respite services, programming to teach self responsibility, decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution, Parent Advisory Committees, individual and group counseling, specialized assistive technology team, buddy classes and transition opportunities, staff trained in the current best practices in autism (ABA, TEACCH, ABLLS, RDI) social skills training, peer mentoring and buddy classes, feeding specialists, responsive classrooms, character education, augmentative communication assessments, library, art, music, adaptive physical education, full time nursing staff in each school, adolescent health classes.