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The Transition Services Department of the Mercer High School provides comprehensive support to our students in order to prepare them for life after high school. The transition department will assist with registration with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) and the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).


For those students that employment is not an appropriate post-graduation option, Transition, in coordination with Project ADULTS, makes arrangements for the students and their families to visit medical or adult day care centers, sheltered workshops or supported employment agencies.


The Transition Service department provides assistance to students with transportation needs. Transition can also, at a family’s request, accompany students to an AccessLink intake or we can be a resource to facilitate the process. AccessLink is a para-transit service provided by NJ Transit that enables individuals with disabilities to travel routes that mirror the local bus routes providing door-to-door service.


The Transition Services department works with students and their families to help those students who are interested in continuing their education or pursuing additional vocational training after graduation. Transition arranges opportunities for students to visit area post-graduation educational facilities or attend presentations from a variety of post-graduation options such as local community colleges, Mercer County Technical Schools or Job Corps.


In ninth grade (and again approaching graduation year) students will complete a vocational interest inventory and/or aptitude test, providing students and their families with relevant information thereby allowing the students to focus on those vocational areas that match their individual area of interest and their ability level.


The Transition Services department assists students who are interested in obtaining after school or weekend employment. Jobs may be in-district or in the community. Transition can act as a liaison between the employer and student/worker ensuring a smooth process for students as they begin their employment career.


Students who participate in our vocational programs are given opportunities to job sample early on in their vocational training under the direct guidance of a job coach and support personnel. Closer to graduation, they may participate in either unpaid or paid structured learning experiences.


Project ADULTS provides a continuum of services for young adults aimed at bridging the gap between school and adult life. Funded by the Mercer County Department of Human Services, Project ADULTS works with students approaching graduation from Mercer High School. After graduation, Project ADULTS provides direct services such as counseling, information, referral services, and general service coordination to the young adults of Mercer High School and their families.

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