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Book Club - Book Club Students from different language arts classes meet at scheduled times to discuss a book that they have been reading independently.


Community-based Instruction - A wide array of community-based instruction and career exploration trips are planned throughout the year allowing students to be exposed to a variety of jobs and real-life situations. Each trip is planned with our students in mind and may be an exposure to an everyday situation such as placing an order in a fast food restaurant, making a purchase at a local store, or visiting a local area of interest. Other trips are matched to our vocational programs and allow our students to see skills they are learning in school put to work in a real job.


Evening Activities - Each month students earn the opportunity to participate in a special event such as the homecoming dance, dinner and fall fun and March Madness. Each event has snacks and activities related to the evening’s theme.


Fashion Show - Fashion Show students present original creations in a student-run event. Every element, from the items presented to the copy of the narrative is student-driven.


Interscholastic Sports  - Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of interscholastic sports activities including cheerleading, soccer, basketball, and softball. Games and practices are held during the school day. Cheerleaders train and cheer for our basketball team at all home games.


Poetry Slams - Several times a year students are able to share their original poetry with their schoolmates in a structured setting. Students may have the option to submit their selected pieces for potential publication in the Creative Community Anthology of Teenage Poets.


Prom - The prom is held off-campus toward the end of the school year. It is a time for our students to dress up and feel special as they remember the events and activities of the previous school year. Prom attire is donated and distributed to those students needing assistance in obtaining the perfect outfit.


Special Olympics -  Students may participate in a number of Special Olympics sporting events outside of the school day. Soccer and cycling are offered during September and October. Track and field is offered in March and April. All teams practice at night and play games on the weekends. Some Special Olympians participate in the NJ State competition held at the beginning of June at The College of New Jersey.


Student Government -  School-wide and classroom representatives meet on a weekly basis to discuss upcoming events and assign students to assist with all activities. It is a place where students can share ideas for new and unique activities and events. Some past and present events include; school dances, carnation sale, candy sale and fundraisers for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and American Cancer Society.



Art Elective - Students enrolled in our Art elective have the opportunity to create an assortment of projects using a variety of media. Creating pottery crafts is a way for our students to express themselves. Students participating in classes contribute items for fundraisers that are offered to parents and visitors at various functions. Students also have numerous personal works of art prominently displayed throughout the school. This helps contribute to the sense of community belonging.


Daily Living Skills -  The Daily Living Skills classes expose students to the roles and responsibilities of independent living. They provide students with the opportunities to learn and apply skills related to wellness and nutrition, snack and meal choices, simple food preparation, household and personal safety, clothing choices, self care, consumer knowledge, and community resources.


Library -  Many classes visit the 5,000-volume school library each week to check out books, do research, have library skill lessons, and listen to age appropriate books. The library holdings also include several hundred DVDs to support the curriculum. In addition, the library hosts two book fairs each year, in which students can use their behavior points to purchase a book. The library also serves as an art gallery to showcase student work.


Music -  Students enrolled in the Music classes have many opportunities to demonstrate their creative potential. The youngsters are able to participate in school-wide events such as holiday shows, talent shows and musical productions. MHS has a chorus as well as instruction in beginning musical instruments.


Reading Program -  A certified Reading Specialist collaborates with staff and provides small group instruction. Students enrolled in the Reading Program have been identified by staff and assessed using various instruments such as, Informal Reading Inventories, The Wilson Assessment for Decoding and Encoding, and The Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests. The reading teacher uses programs such as The Wilson Reading System and Caught Reading for instruction. Students meet in small groups at least three times a week. Teachers work closely to monitor the progress to provide the best program for the students.


Spanish -  Spanish language instruction is offered at MHS. By the end of Spanish 1, students will demonstrate novice to mid-level comprehension of the Spanish language. Students will be able to comprehend and follow simple, oral directions, commands and requests. Students will be able to exchange information using words, phrases and short sentences, during leave takings, greetings, and daily interactions. Students will demonstrate an understanding of Spanish culture, foods, geography, famous landmarks, and holidays.


Unified Arts Program -  Programs at Mercer High School provide equal emphasis on both academics and social skills. Mercer High School gives students the opportunity to follow their interests and use their talents and to be a contributing and integral member of the school community. By participating successfully in unified arts and extra-curricular activities, students learn about working as a member of a group, the importance of persistence and practice and the value of helping others.

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