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Mercer Elementary School

Principal:   Carline Mirthil

Phone: 609-570-1120


Opened in September 2005, Mercer Elementary School is designed for those students presenting a wide variety of learning and/or developmental challenges.  Emphasis is placed on the student as an individual and a member of a group. Experiences in learning encompass academic and social components. Making appropriate decisions, accepting consequences and developing independence and responsibility are skills that are reinforced daily along with academics. Developmental and functional approaches, based on individualized educational plans (IEP) are used.


Students are instructed according to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS). In order to enhance progress in the general curriculum, students receive direct instruction from certified special education staff. The faculty includes teachers of students with disabilities who utilize a variety of instructional methodologies to support the different needs and learning styles of the students enrolled in the school. All teachers are highly qualified according to the New Jersey regulations for teachers. Mercer Elementary is a state-approved testing site. Students participate in the standardized or alternate assessments based upon the needs identified in their IEP.


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