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Great Bike Giveaway
Vote for all three outstanding students!
Voting Ends March 29, 2023 - Donations are not required for your vote to count.

Mercer Elementary School has three students entering this year’s Great Bike Giveaway. The Great Bike Giveaway allows special needs children to win an adapted bicycle that will provide them with a variety of opportunities to engage in recreational activities with their families, peers, and community. Each of the three students has been entered to win a different adapted bicycle, so please vote for all 3. You can vote by clicking on the link below, and feel free to share with as many individuals as you choose. Your vote for Dior, Jermaine, and Bryanna will increase their chances of winning this year’s Great Bike Giveaway 2023.


Jermaine is an energetic, kind, and a loving 13-year-old boy who loves to move! He has cerebral palsy and spends much of his day in his wheelchair. At school, he loves to ride an adapted bike, talking to all his friends and chasing them up and down the halls. His smile lights up a room, and everyone at school loves to see Jermaine racing down the hallways! He would love to have a bike at home to exercise, have the independence and freedom to move around by himself, and, most importantly, connect with his neighborhood friends! Please help make his dream come true!!

Dior is an almost 14-year-old girl who loves interacting with friends and family. She is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder and has difficulty walking long distances due to her tight muscles and balance problems. The one thing she loves to do is ride adapted bikes when she is at school. She sings along to her music and talks to all her friends as she gets exercise on the bike. Dior would love to have a bike at home. Please vote for Dior. Her own adapted bike would enable her to get the exercise she needs and socialize with her peers and family in her neighborhood!

Bryanna is a sweet and endearing 13-year-old student who participates in the Autism program at Mercer Elementary School. Bryanna has an infectious smile and is always a joy to be around. Bryanna is a great student who enjoys helping her classmates and teachers. Bryanna is an active member of the school community. She is involved in art, music, and walking clubs at school, and she always displays exemplary behavior. During her physical therapy sessions, Bryanna loves to ride the adapted tricycle at school. She is working hard to increase her strength, coordination, and endurance. Bryanna would benefit from having an adapted bike at home for leisure time with her loving family and to support her ongoing progress in physical therapy. Please nominate this well-deserved student who always tries her best at home and school!

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